Personalized Match Boxes: Diy Wedding Decorations

Your wedding day happens to be one of the most special occasions of your life. This goes without saying that you will want to make this occasion the most exceptional one that you will treasure for your entire life. To achieve this, you have to add things that will make your wedding stand out and a memorable one. For the creative people who want to arrange every detail of their dream day all by themselves, here is a fabulous way of adding the spark to your celebration. For this simple plan, all you need are simple personalized match boxes. The following is a detailed procedure of how to make it.

Personalized match boxes

Procedure of Making the Covers

  • First, take the matchboxes and slide the inside box out. You should also remove the matchsticks from the same. This is done to keep the things clean so that the matches don’t lie here and there. They can be stored in a drinking can that is empty like that of a coffee can.
  • Next, you have to break the cover up. Be very careful, as you have to detach the cover from the place where the glue is attached. You can use an eyeglass screwdriver because it has got a flat top and is apt for managing small items.
  • In the next step, you have to take the proper measurement of the matchbox by completely unfolding it. Then you have to design a label in Microsoft Word where you put in the exact measurement of the matchbox. You have to adjust your setting and insert the thing in an upside down manner if you want something for the back of the cover. It is advisable that you put in something very simplistic on the back of the cover. The date and the names are usually set in the front of the box.
  • Then you have to download the template that you just designed.
  • Post that you have to stick the paper to the matchbox. See to it that there is a slight excess paper at the end of the matchbox. This will ensure that you can stick the paper well and cut the extra for the perfect finish.
  • Now glue up the matchbox in its previous form.
  • Since you need to ensure that the matchbox remains absolutely firm at the point of attachment, you can insert a pen to keep it stuck together for 30 seconds or more. Now leave it to dry.
  • After this you can insert the interior box with the matches and your DIY personalized matchbox is ready.

In the same way you can also create other things like table cloths, mugs, and custom dice in UK to make your wedding day the most special as well as the most creative venture of your life.