What Are Benefits of Custom Printed Matches as Wedding Favours?

A wedding means a lot of arrangements that include colour, glitz, glamour, good food, drinks and not to forget favours that the guests get to take home as a souvenir. With time, options for wedding favours have changed where you can hand over little handmade candles to wine bottles that have a message printed on them allowing guests to remember your event whenever they look at the gift.

Custom Printed Matches

Ever thought of handing over matchboxes with customised messages on them? Well, it is a great option if you want them to make use of the favour and later keep the box as a souvenir.

Here are the benefits that are associated with customised matchboxes as wedding favours that you can consider.

They are cheap in the pocket. This stands true as you are going to opt for a bulk order of custom printed matches and it would be incredibly cheap when it comes to calculating the price incurred to manufacture a single box.

You get to customise them the way you want to. Most stores that take up such orders are known to give you the freedom to choose the designs that are to be printed on the box. You get to make a choice on the quotes, date of the event, colour, font and also add photographs if required.

It is easy for the guests to carry along. It is nothing heavy or fragile that one has to take extra care. One can simply pop it into the pocket or bag and take it along effortlessly without having to worry about its safety.

It is something useful for those who are into the habit of smoking or otherwise can be made use of in the prayer rooms to light candles. People are to think of you and your wedding whenever they light a matchstick.


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