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Design Your Own Matchbox – a Trick That Always Works

Have you ever considered giving a thought for using a matchbox as a promotional tool? Well, it is unique, and probably not many have ventured into this territory till now. However, there is always a first time, and you can surely make the first move and try out personalised match boxes for promoting your brand. The idea of gifting a small matchbox to your clients and potential consumers may seem a rather absurd, but this, in fact, is an added USP as you gift them something new that they would have never imagined as a gift. The more innovative it gets, the more it gets talked about and the hype increases further to a higher notch.

Nevertheless, before you take the plunge into that territory, it is important to consider with the design of the box and how articulately should it be created to generate maximum hype.

Design Your Own – Be Your Own Judge

Since it’s your brand, you will know the best when it comes to generating publicity. Although there are certain rules and guidelines that the company follows when designing a product for promotional purposes, at the end of it all; it should be ‘your call’. Design your own matchbox and gift it to the targeted consumers for generating hype. However, since you may be new to this aspect of designing, certain things can make things easier.

Personalised Match Boxes

Make it cute and adorable

Just because it is a small item; it should be as eye catchy and lovely too. Make sure people like it. The more likeable the gift, the more will be the hype generated.

Just the logo is not enough; add some spark to make it eye-catchy

Although the item is relatively small, implementing the company’s name and logo at times is not sufficient. Add a touch of elegance or a simple, sophisticated design at one corner to beautify the small thing.

Keep it simple as much as possible and don’t overdo with the design

Simple things can do wonders if done well. The matchbox ought to look simple in its design but at the same time should be likeable as well. “Simplicity is beauty” – rightfully said!

Make sure the packaging is neat, sophisticated and stylish. It adds to the brand appeal

The packaging of the product is a critical thing, and when you are designing it all by yourself, then this is a noteworthy fact. Proper packaging will generate interest, and this again will be reflected on your company’s image with utmost positivity coming from the potential consumers. Isn’t it great? So make sure you concentrate on packing this product in the right fashion.

Know the Budget

After you complete with the design element, the design or image goes directly to the printing session and from there the price counting starts. However, there is absolutely nothing to worry as you won’t be charged exorbitantly if you are wise enough to make a bulk purchase. Yes, that’s the attractive quality of promotional items. If you order them in bulk from well-reputed online stores, then you would be greeted with lucrative discounts and fantastic offers, which will make the expense, go down.

Lastly, there are various types and styles of matchboxes that are available in the market, which can be tailored as per your need and necessity. The online stores are considered a far better option as they deliver quality products bang on time without hassles and within a reasonable price clubbed with a discount.


Vital Facts about Promotional Items for Advertisement

The advancement of technology and the cut-throat competition in today’s market have compelled companies to emerge with new ideas of marketing every day. But it is quite a difficult task to come up with new ideas that will help brand building without spending a fortune. Here in comes the concept of promotional items like personalised match boxes for business promotion. Here are some of the most vital facts about promotional gifts that will help you get a clear idea about the same.

Personalised match boxes

What are personalised items?

Items used for the promotional purpose or advertising among the various enterprises are called promotional items. In most cases these have the company logo engraved on them. These can be given out to the customers on special occasions or whenever they try to purchase a gift. The majority of these items constitute of calendars, writing items, stress toys, items of daily usage and so on. Usually, they can be created according to the desire of the business owner.

What are the primary benefits of promotional goods?

The main advantages of promotional goods can be summarized as following.

  • Cost effective – One of the major benefits of these items is that they are much cheaper than the other modes of advertisement. Moreover, these items also have the “sustaining effect”. By this, it is meant that these get noticed almost every day, and the customer gets reminded of the brand each time the gifts get caught in their eyes. This applies in particular for objects of regular usage like desk items, toys like cardboard periscopes in UK that the children love to play with, coffee mugs, etc.
  • Flexibility – This is another one of the greatest advantages why promotional items are so popular these days. Any good can be converted to produce personalised gift for your target audience provided you have the budget.
  • High perceived value – These items are gifts, and they are given free of cost. This attaches a great emotional value to these. Moreover, people love to receive free gifts as a result of which these items have a great impact on the consumers most of whom keep coming back to the same seller time and again.

How to use promotional items?

There are a number of ways through which promotional items can be utilised. These include the following:

  • Employees or sales persons can be rewarded and motivated by acknowledging them with high quality personalised items.
  • A customer-prospect lead can be converted to a customer with the help of the right usage of promotional gifts. This can insist them to take the final step.
  • Trade shows can be conducted for generating business leads with the help of these items.